This year I attended the Born to Drum Women's Drum Camp for the first time and as a participant! Who  knew I would reconnect with friends, women drum warriors and beloved elders that I have not seen in years!  When spirit says "Come." and you follow through, surprises and blessings come in many ways. What a joy it was to be there!

About Fatu Lady Drummer

I am a vocalist, song writer, initiated Iyanifa in the Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, teacher and ceremonial facilitator.


I began my drumming and dance studies in 1986 with  Wyoma and the Damballah Dance Company in Boulder, CO. I concurrently began to study the traditional songs and dances of the Yoruba people with Baba Adetunji Joda; ibase, in Denver, CO. I performed as a conga player with the Irepo and Sankofa Dancers for 5 years under the direction of Baba Joda At that time, women were still prevented from playing traditional African drums and I was an anomaly. It was at that time I was named Lady Drummer.

In addition to Yoruba culture I studied numerous forms of African drumming traditions including:

  • The traditional music and dances of Haiti

  • Afro-Brazilian and Latin music

  • The music and dances of Ghana with C.K. Ganyo

  • Orisha music and dances of the Lukumi and Ifa traditions

I began studying djembe with Mater drummer Abdoul Dumbia in 1990. While I have  studied with many traditional Master Drummers and Dancers,my primary teachers are Master Drummers Abdoul Doumbia and Vieux Traore  and Master Dancer Djeneba Sako of Mali.

In addition to performing with Baba Joda, I was the Musical Director of the Harambee African Dancers at the University of Colorado, Boulder from 1990-1996. We performed throughout the state of Colorado and also with other performing artistic groups.I have also performed with choirs, orchestras, and musicians from many genres..

One of the most exciting performances was a USO tour  in 2000 to Panama with Sankofa Dances and Master drummer Malik Sow. The food was fabulous and the troupes were grateful.

Di Da Di (Jambalaya) Denver Women's March 2017

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Jambalaya Sistah's Drum & Dance Ensemble


Between 2000 and 2006 I trained and performed with Jambalaya Sistah's Drum & Dance Ensemble. Together we performed at Michigan Women's Music Festival on two occasions, Sistah Fest in California and throughout  the Denver Metro area.



Teaching Experience:

I have taught at:

  • Denver Metro State College,

  • Naropa Institute’s Continuing Education program,Boulder, CO

  • Camp Telluride Camp for Gifted and Talented Youth from around the World; Telluride, CO

  • Cleo Parker-Robinson School of Dance; Denver, CO

  • Michigan Women's Music Festival (2005,2007)

  • Sistah Fest; Los Angeles. CA

  • Numerous Public schools

  • Community workshops and classes and across the country

Drumming is my way of life. Playing the djembe is fun and can heal the mind and body. I desire to share my knowledge and experience of drumming with all wanting to experience the magic of the drum. Join me in this adventure!

Jambalaya 2000.jpg

Jambalaya 2000-2006


Fatu Lady Drummer

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