Adopt a Drum Cause Girl Drummers Rock!

The “Adopt a Drum (tm)” fundraiser ends November 18, 2018. I am happy to say that I have received $1026 of the desired $1500! Over 200 people contributed to this fundraiser so far. I am humbled and grateful for the generosity. Who knew so many would support children and families drumming!

I only need $474 more to reach the goal. Please share this fundraiser with your friends to help me have what is needed to complete the drum building process. Be aware that the amount needed showing on the fund raiser is a typo that; once posted, could not be corrected. The amount needed is indeed $1500. I have learned to type more slowly on Facebook. You can contribute here:

In the meantime, enjoy these future “lady drummers” on the kinkonis. This is what you are supporting with your donations. These girls rock!

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