Meet Your Maker...of drums,that Is!

Meet Raven Tekwe the drum building craftswoman who built the beautiful ashikos and djembes donated to Fatu and Dragon Head Music & Productions. The drums will be used in public schools and in family drumming in community programming.

Raven is self-taught in wood crafting and built drums for over 20 years. She crafted djembes, ashikos, talking drums and cajons. Her drums are made of oak, ash and other hard woods. Raven built the drums from slats which are precisely measured and shaped then glued together. This gives her drums a crisp consistent sound across the drum head. They are durable and easy to maintain. In addition, Raven’s wood craft is simple, beautiful and elegant!

Raven was one;if not the only,female African drum maker in the world. Her primary clientele were women who loved her drums because they are smaller but still had the robust tonality of hard wood drums from Africa. Raven and her business; Wing of the Heron Drums, were quite popular. She was featured online and in many print magazines. Her drums are still coveted today by her happy customers.

Raven and Fatu met in the early 90’s in Boulder, Colorado. Fatu was the music director for the CU dance group Harambee, and Raven drummed in that group for several years. The two friends lost touch over the years. Both are thrilled to have reconnected again over this project.

Of her donation of drums Raven says: “After retiring from drum making, I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to give my leftover drum shells to someone in need. “Fatu’s program for children is a perfect fit, and I am thrilled to gift these drums to her.” Of course, Fatu is just giddy! Beautiful drums for beautiful kids to play….ya can’t beat that!

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