You Just Conceived Children

$1510 of $1500 donated!
Thank you for the Kindness!

Thank you for your donations to the "Adopt-A-Drum Fundraiser!" I have reached the needed goal and will begin ordering supplies on Monday. My goal is to have all drums built before Christmas. Remember, all donors have an opportunity to name the drums and to have your names etched on your new "baby."After all, you all co-created this wonderful manifestation of instruments. In about three weeks all donors will be tagged on Facebook to submit name(s) for the drums in a Drum Naming Survey. A voting process will be used to narrow it down to the top 20 names. These names will be etched on the drums. In addition, all donor names will be etched on the drum that carries their chosen name. I want the kids and community to know that there are people out there who cared that they have these to play. So, I am preparing to go into labor to get the drums built. See you all at the birthing table! Fatu Lady D

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